Who am i

I am a technical writer and I am based in the UK. I write a lot of featured articles, news and sometimes, even write about the tried and tested tips for the most reputed magazines and websites. My passion for writing started when I was working as a technology specialist. I started writing about the success of using new products in my project. As my articles became a grand success inside the organization I worked, it encouraged me to write more.

Now, I am a full-time technical writer and I love writing about technology and education. I also write about the current trends in business when I get the time to follow. I have also written for few publications though not very extensively.

My Writings

In addition to the articles that I write on technology and education, I also write case studies, white papers for product-based companies, technical specifications, business specifications, portions of hardware and software manuals, help documents, contents for technology news websites and training materials. Also, I have my own personal blog where I share my ideas on the latest technology and gadgets that are out in the market. My personal blog is also a place where I write on all the other topics that are of great interest to me.

My Education and Experience

I have done my Master degree in Computer Science Applications. I started out as a tutor to teach high school students about computers and their application. Then, I changed my career to become a technology specialist in a reputed company. As my interest then shifted towards technical writing, I became a full-time technical writer.

My Strength

I take pride in saying that I pay more attention to detail before starting to work on any article. All my writings are well researched and clear in the expression of thoughts. As I was technically involved for some time, I have the ability to process even complex information with ease and then convey it to others through my writing.